Hazy_Create_View Class Reference

#include <create_view.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Hazy_Create_View (std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, std::string, enum storage_manager_type, int, int, hazy_model::strategy, int, double, double, double, int)
void retrieve_unique_view_id (int &view_id)
void insert_newview_to_catalog (int view_id)
void callGetStatsFeaturesFunction (int view_id)
void normalizeAndGetM (int view_id, double &m_factor)
void callCreateEntityFeaturesFunction (int view_id)
void callPrepareTrainFunction (int view_id)
void getNumberOfFeatures (int view_id, int &num_of_features)
int createUpdateInPlaceFunction (int view_id)
void createView (int view_id)
int createTriggers (int view_id)

Private Member Functions

int write_func_create_view (message_data msg, size_t length)
 Writes the given msg to the server and retrieves integer from the received msg.

Private Attributes

std::string hazy_db_name
std::string view_name
std::string view_key
std::string original_entity_table
std::string hazy_entity_table
std::string entity_table_key
std::string labels_table
std::string label_in_table
std::string example_table
std::string example_table_key
std::string example_table_label
std::string feature_function
std::string training_table_name
enum storage_manager_type sm
int dense
int useepsmap
hazy_model::strategy hazy_strategy
int reservoir_size
double resort_time
double tao_val
double alpha_ratio
int buffer_size
int dim
double m_factor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Hazy_Create_View::Hazy_Create_View ( std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
std::string  ,
enum  storage_manager_type,
int  ,
int  ,
hazy_model::strategy  ,
int  ,
double  ,
double  ,
double  ,

Member Function Documentation

void Hazy_Create_View::callCreateEntityFeaturesFunction ( int  view_id  ) 

void Hazy_Create_View::callGetStatsFeaturesFunction ( int  view_id  ) 

void Hazy_Create_View::callPrepareTrainFunction ( int  view_id  ) 

int Hazy_Create_View::createTriggers ( int  view_id  ) 

int Hazy_Create_View::createUpdateInPlaceFunction ( int  view_id  ) 

void Hazy_Create_View::createView ( int  view_id  ) 

void Hazy_Create_View::getNumberOfFeatures ( int  view_id,
int &  num_of_features 

void Hazy_Create_View::insert_newview_to_catalog ( int  view_id  ) 

void Hazy_Create_View::normalizeAndGetM ( int  view_id,
double &  m_factor 

void Hazy_Create_View::retrieve_unique_view_id ( int &  view_id  ) 

int Hazy_Create_View::write_func_create_view ( message_data  msg,
size_t  length 
) [private]

Writes the given msg to the server and retrieves integer from the received msg.

[in] msg msg to be written to the server
[in] length size of the msg

Member Data Documentation

double Hazy_Create_View::alpha_ratio [private]

int Hazy_Create_View::buffer_size [private]

Hazy_Database* Hazy_Create_View::db_conn [private]

int Hazy_Create_View::dense [private]

int Hazy_Create_View::dim [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::entity_table_key [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::example_table [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::example_table_key [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::example_table_label [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::feature_function [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::hazy_db_name [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::hazy_entity_table [private]

hazy_model::strategy Hazy_Create_View::hazy_strategy [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::label_in_table [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::labels_table [private]

double Hazy_Create_View::m_factor [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::original_entity_table [private]

int Hazy_Create_View::reservoir_size [private]

double Hazy_Create_View::resort_time [private]

enum storage_manager_type Hazy_Create_View::sm [private]

double Hazy_Create_View::tao_val [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::training_table_name [private]

int Hazy_Create_View::useepsmap [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::view_key [private]

std::string Hazy_Create_View::view_name [private]

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