Uses of Class

Packages that use DMOOptimizer
felix.executor Package that executes the scheduled physical plan. 
felix.task This package instantiates tasks that can be executed in parallel. 

Uses of DMOOptimizer in felix.executor

Fields in felix.executor declared as DMOOptimizer
 DMOOptimizer Executor.dmoo
          Deprecated. The DMOOptimizer used by this Executor.
 DMOOptimizer DDExecutor.dmoo
          The DMOOptimizer used by this Executor.

Uses of DMOOptimizer in felix.task

Fields in felix.task declared as DMOOptimizer
 DMOOptimizer ExecuteOperatorTask.ExecuteOperatorWorker.dmoo
 DMOOptimizer OptimizeDMOTask.dmoo
          DMO to be optimized.
 DMOOptimizer OptimizeDMOTask.OptimizeDMOWorker.dmoo

Constructors in felix.task with parameters of type DMOOptimizer
OptimizeDMOTask.OptimizeDMOWorker(StatOperator _sop, DMOOptimizer _dmoo)
OptimizeDMOTask(StatOperator _sop, DMOOptimizer _dmoo)