felix.compiler Package that contains a static analyzer for an MLN program.
felix.dstruct Package that contains the basic data structure used by Felix.
felix.executor Package that executes the scheduled physical plan. Package that includes utilities for using the Blah Blah feature extraction language.
felix.main Main Entry of Felix.
felix.operator Specialized operators used in Felix.
felix.optimizer Optimizer used to schedule Felix's execution plan.
felix.parser Parser of Felix that deals with input.
felix.society This package defines the data structure used by Felix to execute concurrent tasks -- it is named ``society'' because there is a hierarchy like: TaskSet/TaskList >= TaskSet/TaskList > Task > Worker.
felix.task This package instantiates tasks that can be executed in parallel.
felix.test This package includes testing code for Felix.
felix.thirdpart This package contains various third-party utilities.
felix.util Miscellaneous utilities.