Uses of Class

Packages that use CostModel
felix.dstruct Package that contains the basic data structure used by Felix. 
felix.optimizer Optimizer used to schedule Felix's execution plan. 

Uses of CostModel in felix.dstruct

Methods in felix.dstruct that return CostModel
 CostModel ExecutionPlan.getCostModel()
          Get CostModel.

Methods in felix.dstruct with parameters of type CostModel
 void ExecutionPlan.setCostModel(CostModel _cm)
          Set CostModel.

Uses of CostModel in felix.optimizer

Fields in felix.optimizer declared as CostModel
          Cost model used to optimize the DMO.

Methods in felix.optimizer with parameters of type CostModel
 OperatorBucketGraph Scheduler.dataDecomposition(java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> ops, CostModel cm)
          Partition the data into different parts.
 java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> Scheduler.ruleDecomposition(CostModel cm)
          Partition the rules into different operators.

Constructors in felix.optimizer with parameters of type CostModel
DMOOptimizer(CostModel _cm)
          The constructor.
OperatorSelector(FelixQuery _fq, CostModel _cm, FelixCommandOptions _options)
          The constructor.