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Packages that use StatOperator
felix.dstruct Package that contains the basic data structure used by Felix. 
felix.operator Specialized operators used in Felix. 
felix.optimizer Optimizer used to schedule Felix's execution plan. 
felix.task This package instantiates tasks that can be executed in parallel. 

Uses of StatOperator in felix.dstruct

Fields in felix.dstruct declared as StatOperator
 StatOperator DataMovementOperator.parentStatOperator
          The statistical operator who instantiates this DMO.

Methods in felix.dstruct that return StatOperator
 StatOperator StatOperator.clone()
          Returns a clone of this statistical operator.

Methods in felix.dstruct that return types with arguments of type StatOperator
 java.util.ArrayList<StatOperator> ExecutionPlan.getAllStatOperator()
          Get all statistical operators in this execution plan.
 java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> ConcurrentOperatorsBucket.getOperators()
          Get all operators in this bucket.

Methods in felix.dstruct with parameters of type StatOperator
 void ConcurrentOperatorsBucket.addOperator(StatOperator sop)
          Add an operator into this bucket.
static DataMovementOperator DataMovementOperator.Select(tuffy.db.RDB db, StatOperator _parentStatOperator, DataMovementOperator fromDMO, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> bindings, int... cid)
          Generate a DMO which is a SELECT on the given DMO.
static DataMovementOperator DataMovementOperator.SelectOrderBy(tuffy.db.RDB db, StatOperator _parentStatOperator, DataMovementOperator fromDMO, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> bindings, java.lang.String orderby, int... cid)
          Generate a DMO which is a SELECT ...
 tuffy.ra.ConjunctiveQuery FelixClause.toLearningQueryForVictor(StatOperator sop, FelixPredicate toBeHead)
 tuffy.ra.ConjunctiveQuery FelixClause.toSimplifiedFactorGraphQuery(StatOperator sop, FelixPredicate toBeHead, boolean forceRecursive)
          See StatOperator#translateFelixClasesIntoFactorGraphEdgeQueries(FelixPredicate, boolean, dstruct.FelixPredicate.FPProperty...)
static DataMovementOperator DataMovementOperator.UnionAll(tuffy.db.RDB db, StatOperator _parentStatOperator, java.util.List<DataMovementOperator> toBeUnioned, java.lang.String bindingPattern, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.Integer> bindings, int... cid)
          Get the union of results from a set of DMOs.

Constructors in felix.dstruct with parameters of type StatOperator
DataMovementOperator(tuffy.db.RDB _db, StatOperator _parentStatOperator)
          the constructor.

Uses of StatOperator in felix.operator

Subclasses of StatOperator in felix.operator
 class COREFOperator
          A COREF operator in Felix.
 class CRFOperator
          A CRF operator in Felix.
 class LROperator
          A LR operator in Felix.
 class TUFFYOperator
          A Tuffy operator in Felix.

Uses of StatOperator in felix.optimizer

Methods in felix.optimizer that return types with arguments of type StatOperator
 java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> OperatorSelector.getOperators()
          Get partitioned operators.
 java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> Scheduler.ruleDecomposition(CostModel cm)
          Partition the rules into different operators.

Methods in felix.optimizer with parameters of type StatOperator
 void DataCracker1991.decompose(StatOperator op)
          Decompose the data used by the given operator.

Method parameters in felix.optimizer with type arguments of type StatOperator
 OperatorBucketGraph Scheduler.dataDecomposition(java.util.HashSet<StatOperator> ops, CostModel cm)
          Partition the data into different parts.

Uses of StatOperator in felix.task

Fields in felix.task declared as StatOperator
 StatOperator ExecuteOperatorTask.sop
 StatOperator ExecuteOperatorTask.ExecuteOperatorWorker.sop
 StatOperator OptimizeDMOTask.sop
          Operator containing the DMO.
 StatOperator OptimizeDMOTask.OptimizeDMOWorker.sop

Constructors in felix.task with parameters of type StatOperator
ExecuteOperatorTask.ExecuteOperatorWorker(StatOperator _sop)
ExecuteOperatorTask(StatOperator _sop)
OptimizeDMOTask.OptimizeDMOWorker(StatOperator _sop, DMOOptimizer _dmoo)
OptimizeDMOTask(StatOperator _sop, DMOOptimizer _dmoo)