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Packages that use FelixClause
felix.dstruct Package that contains the basic data structure used by Felix. 
felix.optimizer Optimizer used to schedule Felix's execution plan. 
felix.parser Parser of Felix that deals with input. 

Uses of FelixClause in felix.dstruct

Fields in felix.dstruct with type parameters of type FelixClause
 java.util.HashSet<FelixClause> StatOperator.allRelevantFelixClause
          Set of clauses assigned to this operator.
 java.util.HashMap<FelixClause,java.util.HashSet<tuffy.ra.Expression>> StatOperator.clauseConstraints
          Map from clauses to expressions partitioning the data.
 java.util.HashSet<FelixClause> StatOperator.dd_PriorClauses
          Rules for Lagrangian Multipliers.
 java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Integer,FelixClause> FelixQuery.id2clause
          Map from integer IDs to clauses

Methods in felix.dstruct that return types with arguments of type FelixClause
 java.util.HashSet<FelixClause> FelixQuery.getAllClause()
          Get all clauses in this FelixQuery.
 java.util.HashSet<FelixClause> FelixPredicate.getPropertyClauses(FelixPredicate.FPProperty prop)
          Get clauses associated to the given property.
 java.util.HashSet<FelixClause> FelixPredicate.getRelevantClauses()
          Get all clauses related to this predicate.

Methods in felix.dstruct with parameters of type FelixClause
 void FelixQuery.addFelixClause(FelixClause fc)
          Add a clause to FelixQuery.
 void FelixPredicate.registerProperty(FelixPredicate.FPProperty prop, FelixClause evid, int... _pos)
          Add a property to this predicate, along with the clause with this property.
 void StatOperator.registerRelevantClause(FelixClause fc)
          Registers clause to this statistical operator.
 void FelixPredicate.tryToExtractSeqFromChainRule(FelixClause fc)
          If the given clause is a CRF chain rule, try to extract the partitions of sequence.

Uses of FelixClause in felix.optimizer

Methods in felix.optimizer with parameters of type FelixClause
 java.util.HashSet<tuffy.ra.Expression> DataCracker1991.getExpressions(FelixClause fc, tuffy.mln.Predicate _p, int base, int nThread, boolean isSignature)
          Given a clause appearing in the statOperator, return the appended expression to this clause to partition the data.

Uses of FelixClause in felix.parser

Fields in felix.parser declared as FelixClause
 FelixClause FELIXParser.softRule_return.c
 FelixClause FELIXParser.hardRule_return.c
 FelixClause FELIXParser.foclause_return.c