Uses of Class

Packages that use ExecutionPlan
felix.executor Package that executes the scheduled physical plan. 
felix.optimizer Optimizer used to schedule Felix's execution plan. 

Uses of ExecutionPlan in felix.executor

Constructors in felix.executor with parameters of type ExecutionPlan
DDExecutor(ExecutionPlan _ep, FelixQuery _fq, FelixCommandOptions _options)
          The constructor.
Executor(ExecutionPlan _ep, FelixQuery _fq, FelixCommandOptions _options)
          Deprecated. The constructor.

Uses of ExecutionPlan in felix.optimizer

Methods in felix.optimizer that return ExecutionPlan
 ExecutionPlan Scheduler.orderOperators(OperatorBucketGraph obg)
          Schedule the order of running the operators.
 ExecutionPlan Scheduler.schedule()
          The entry of this optimizer.

Methods in felix.optimizer with parameters of type ExecutionPlan
 void Scheduler.parseCommonPredicates(ExecutionPlan _ep)
          Parses common predicates among buckets.