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Packages that use MarkovLogicNetwork
tuffy.ground Provides facilities for grounding MLNs, including KBMC, SQL-based grounding, and MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.ground.partition Data structures and algorithms for MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 
tuffy.main Entrances to Tuffy. 
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 
tuffy.parse Provides parsers for MLN input, config files, and command line options. 

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.ground

Fields in tuffy.ground declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
private  MarkovLogicNetwork Grounding.mln
          MLN to be grounded.
private  MarkovLogicNetwork KBMC.mln
          MLN used in this KBMC.

Methods in tuffy.ground that return MarkovLogicNetwork
 MarkovLogicNetwork Grounding.getMLN()
          Get the MLN object used for grounding.

Constructors in tuffy.ground with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
Grounding(MarkovLogicNetwork mln)
          Create a grounding worker for an MLN.
KBMC(MarkovLogicNetwork mln)
          Constructor of KBMC.

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.ground.partition

Fields in tuffy.ground.partition declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
private  MarkovLogicNetwork Partitioning.mln

Methods in tuffy.ground.partition with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
 void Bucket.load(MarkovLogicNetwork mln)
          Load the set of partitions from DB to RAM.

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.infer

Fields in tuffy.infer declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
(package private)  MarkovLogicNetwork PGInfer.mln
(package private)  MarkovLogicNetwork InferPartitioned.mln
(package private)  MarkovLogicNetwork DataMover.mln
private  MarkovLogicNetwork MRF.mln
          The MLN object.

Methods in tuffy.infer that return MarkovLogicNetwork
 MarkovLogicNetwork MRF.getMLN()

Constructors in tuffy.infer with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
DataMover(MarkovLogicNetwork mln)
MRF(MarkovLogicNetwork mln)
          Default constructor.
MRF(MarkovLogicNetwork mln, int partID, java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Integer,GAtom> gatoms)

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.main

Fields in tuffy.main declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
protected  MarkovLogicNetwork Infer.mln
          The MLN.

Methods in tuffy.main with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
protected  void Infer.loadMLN(MarkovLogicNetwork mln, RDB adb, CommandOptions opt)
          Load the rules and data of the MLN program.

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
private  MarkovLogicNetwork Predicate.mln
          The parent MLN containing this predicate.

Methods in tuffy.mln with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
 void Predicate.setMLN(MarkovLogicNetwork _mln)

Constructors in tuffy.mln with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
Predicate(MarkovLogicNetwork mln, java.lang.String aname, boolean aClosedWorld)
          Constructor of Predicate.

Uses of MarkovLogicNetwork in tuffy.parse

Fields in tuffy.parse declared as MarkovLogicNetwork
(package private)  MarkovLogicNetwork
(package private)  MarkovLogicNetwork InputParser.mln

Constructors in tuffy.parse with parameters of type MarkovLogicNetwork
InputParser(MarkovLogicNetwork amln)