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Packages that use Atom
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 

Uses of Atom in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln with type parameters of type Atom
private  java.util.ArrayList<Atom> Predicate.queries
          Set of queries referencing this predicate.

Methods in tuffy.mln that return Atom
 Atom Literal.toAtom(Atom.AtomType type)
          Convert this literal to an atom.

Methods in tuffy.mln that return types with arguments of type Atom
 java.util.ArrayList<Atom> Predicate.getQueryAtoms()
          Return query atoms of this predicate.

Methods in tuffy.mln with parameters of type Atom
 void Predicate.addEvidence(Atom a)
          Store an evidence in the "buffer".
private  void Predicate.addEvidenceTuple(Atom a)
          Add evidence tuple related to this predicate.
 void Predicate.addQuery(Atom q)
          Register a query atom.
 void Predicate.groundAndStoreAtom(Atom a)
          Ground an atom and store the result in the database.