Uses of Class

Packages that use GClause
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 
tuffy.infer.ds Data structures used to represent MRFs. 
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 
tuffy.test This package includes testing codes for tuffy. 

Uses of GClause in tuffy.infer

Fields in tuffy.infer with type parameters of type GClause
protected  java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Integer,java.util.ArrayList<GClause>> MRF.adj
          Index from GAtom ID to GClause.
 java.util.ArrayList<GClause> MRF.clauses
          Array of all GClause objects in this MRF.
protected  HashArray<GClause> MRF.unsat
          Array of unsatisfied GClauses under current atoms' truth setting.

Methods in tuffy.infer with parameters of type GClause
private  void MRF.calcNSAT(GClause f)
          Calculate the number of true literals in a clause.
protected  boolean MRF.isAlwaysTrue(GClause gc)
          Test if a clause is always true no matter how we flip flippable atoms.

Method parameters in tuffy.infer with type arguments of type GClause
private  void MRF.adjustAtomClauseRelation(java.util.ArrayList<GClause> tlfac, java.util.ArrayList<GClause> flfac, int picked)
private  void MRF.adjustAtomClauseRelation(java.util.ArrayList<GClause> tlfac, java.util.ArrayList<GClause> flfac, int picked)

Uses of GClause in tuffy.infer.ds

Methods in tuffy.infer.ds with parameters of type GClause
 void GAtom.assignSatPotential(GClause f)
          Flipping this node will make f unsat->sat.
 void GAtom.assignUnsatPotential(GClause f)
          Flipping this node will make f sat->unsat.
 void GAtom.revokeSatPotential(GClause f)
          Flipping this node no longer makes f unsat->sat.
 void GAtom.revokeUnsatPotential(GClause f)
          Flipping this node no longer makes f sat->unsat.

Uses of GClause in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln with type parameters of type GClause
 java.util.ArrayList<GClause> Clause.violatedGClauses
          Violated ground clauses.

Uses of GClause in tuffy.test

Fields in tuffy.test declared as GClause
(package private) static GClause GClauseTest.gc