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Packages that use PartitionScheme
tuffy.ground.partition Data structures and algorithms for MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 

Uses of PartitionScheme in tuffy.ground.partition

Fields in tuffy.ground.partition declared as PartitionScheme
private  PartitionScheme Bucket.pmap

Methods in tuffy.ground.partition that return PartitionScheme
 PartitionScheme Partitioning.partitionAtoms(double ramBudgetPerPartition)
          Agglomeratively cluster the atoms in the MRF into partitions while heuristically minimizing the (weighted) cut size.
 PartitionScheme Partitioning.partitionMRF(double maxPartitionSize)

Methods in tuffy.ground.partition with parameters of type PartitionScheme
 void Partitioning.partitionClauses(PartitionScheme pmap)
          Given a partitioning scheme, partition the data accordingly.

Constructors in tuffy.ground.partition with parameters of type PartitionScheme
Bucket(RDB db, PartitionScheme pmap)
          Construct an initially empty memory zone.

Uses of PartitionScheme in tuffy.infer

Fields in tuffy.infer declared as PartitionScheme
(package private)  PartitionScheme InferPartitioned.pmap

Methods in tuffy.infer that return PartitionScheme
 PartitionScheme InferPartitioned.getPartitionScheme()