Uses of Class

Packages that use Grounding
tuffy.ground.partition Data structures and algorithms for MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 
tuffy.main Entrances to Tuffy. 

Uses of Grounding in tuffy.ground.partition

Constructors in tuffy.ground.partition with parameters of type Grounding
Partitioning(Grounding g)
          Construct a partitioning worker based on the grounding result.

Uses of Grounding in tuffy.infer

Fields in tuffy.infer declared as Grounding
(package private)  Grounding PGInfer.grounding
(package private)  Grounding InferPartitioned.grounding

Constructors in tuffy.infer with parameters of type Grounding
InferPartitioned(Grounding g, DataMover dmover)
PGInfer(Grounding g)

Uses of Grounding in tuffy.main

Fields in tuffy.main declared as Grounding
protected  Grounding Infer.grounding
          Grounding worker.