hazy_model Member List

This is the complete list of members for hazy_model, including all inherited members.

EAGER_HAZY enum valuehazy_model
EAGER_NAIVE enum valuehazy_model
hazy_model(struct model &model, strategy s)hazy_model [inline]
invalidate_db_model()hazy_model [inline]
isEager()hazy_model [inline]
isEager(strategy s)hazy_model [inline, static]
isHazy()hazy_model [inline]
isHazy(strategy s)hazy_model [inline, static]
isLazy()hazy_model [inline]
isLazy(strategy s)hazy_model [inline, static]
isNaive()hazy_model [inline]
isNaive(strategy s)hazy_model [inline, static]
LAZY_HAZY enum valuehazy_model
LAZY_NAIVE enum valuehazy_model
strategy enum namehazy_model
test_and_set_model_in_db()hazy_model [inline]

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