hazy_main_for_read_experiments.cxx File Reference


struct  worker_thread_info< T >
 structure that has Hazy_Worker and parsed_vec More...


void usage ()
template<class T>
void startServer (int server_id, int strategy_algorithm, int res_opt, int dim, double initial_resort, string dbname, double tao_val, double m_factor, double ratio, string entity_storage_name, int dense_or_sparse, bool mm, int hybrid, int buffer_size, int useepsmap, model &m1, model &m2, bool fromSnapshot, model &initial_model, bool use_initial_model, double low_water, double high_water)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
template<class T>
void * worker_thread (void *data)


const string EXTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "sm_test_external_table"
const string INTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "internal_table"
 Hazy Server.

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

template<class T>
void startServer ( int  server_id,
int  strategy_algorithm,
int  res_opt,
int  dim,
double  initial_resort,
string  dbname,
double  tao_val,
double  m_factor,
double  ratio,
string  entity_storage_name,
int  dense_or_sparse,
bool  mm,
int  hybrid,
int  buffer_size,
int  useepsmap,
model m1,
model m2,
bool  fromSnapshot,
model initial_model,
bool  use_initial_model,
double  low_water,
double  high_water 

void usage (  ) 

template<class T>
void* worker_thread ( void *  data  ) 

Variable Documentation

const string EXTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "sm_test_external_table"

const string INTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "internal_table"

Hazy_Server* serv

Hazy Server.

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