hazy_main.cxx File Reference


struct  worker_thread_info< T >
 structure that has Hazy_Worker and parsed_vec More...


typedef std::map< int, Hazy_Sgd_Wrapper * > _t_hazy_sgd_map


void usage ()
void startServer (int server_id, string dbname)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
template<class T>
void process_client_requests (Hazy_Sgd< T > *param_sgd, void *data, int server_id, Hazy_Worker *hw, bool &close_conn)
void retrieve_view_id (int server_id, Hazy_Worker *hw, bool &close_conn)
void * worker_thread (void *data)


const string EXTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "sm_test_external_table"
const string INTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "internal_table"
_t_hazy_sgd_map hazy_sgd_map
 This class represents Hazy system.
 Hazy Server.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<int, Hazy_Sgd_Wrapper*> _t_hazy_sgd_map

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

template<class T>
void process_client_requests ( Hazy_Sgd< T > *  param_sgd,
void *  data,
int  server_id,
Hazy_Worker hw,
bool &  close_conn 

void retrieve_view_id ( int  server_id,
Hazy_Worker hw,
bool &  close_conn 

void startServer ( int  server_id,
string  dbname 

void usage (  ) 

void* worker_thread ( void *  data  ) 

Variable Documentation

Hazy_Database* db_conn

This class represents Hazy system.

A user can create classification view and maintain it.

const string EXTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "sm_test_external_table"

_t_hazy_sgd_map hazy_sgd_map

const string INTERNAL_TABLE_BASE_NAME = "internal_table"

Hazy_Server* serv

Hazy Server.

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