Skiing Member List

This is the complete list of members for Skiing, including all inherited members.

acc_costSkiing [private]
adjustCost(double cost)Skiing [inline, private]
doResort(double time_to_resort)Skiing [inline]
firstAfterResortSkiing [private]
getAccCost()Skiing [inline]
getMFactor()Skiing [inline]
getResortCost()Skiing [inline]
getSVMBaselineUpdate()Skiing [inline]
m_factorSkiing [private]
ratioSkiing [private]
resetAccCost()Skiing [inline, private]
resort_costSkiing [private]
setSVMBaseline(double baseline)Skiing [inline]
setup()Skiing [inline, private]
shouldResort()Skiing [inline]
Skiing(struct skiing_spec &s)Skiing [inline]
Skiing(double tao_val, double m_f, double resort, double ratio)Skiing [inline]
svm_baseline_updateSkiing [private]
taoSkiing [private]
updateAccCost(double waste_time)Skiing [inline]
updateResortCost(double res_cost)Skiing [inline, private]

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