Hazy_Database Member List

This is the complete list of members for Hazy_Database, including all inherited members.

connHazy_Database [private]
copy_from_table(std::ostream &s, std::string &table_name, std::string &delimiter)Hazy_Database
copy_to_table(std::istream &s, std::string &table_name, std::string &delimiter)Hazy_Database
execute_query_msg_double(const char *query, const char *msg, double &result)Hazy_Database
execute_query_msg_int(const char *query, const char *msg, int &result)Hazy_Database
execute_query_msg_text(const char *query, const char *msg, std::string &result)Hazy_Database
execute_statement_msg(const char *stmt, const char *msg)Hazy_Database
exit_nicely()Hazy_Database [inline, private]
Hazy_Database(std::string dbname)Hazy_Database
postgresMapParser(const char *szQuery, int(*tuple_parser)(PGresult *r, int index, K &k, T &v), std::map< K, T > &_out)Hazy_Database [inline]
postgresTupleParser(const char *szQuery, int(*tuple_parser)(PGresult *r, int index, T &out), std::vector< T > &_out)Hazy_Database [inline]
resHazy_Database [private]

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