Uses of Class

Packages that use Infer
tuffy.learn Provides weight learning in Tuffy. 
tuffy.main Entrances to Tuffy. 
tuffy.test This package includes testing codes for tuffy. 

Uses of Infer in tuffy.learn

Subclasses of Infer in tuffy.learn
 class DNLearner
          Learner instance using diagonal Newton with dynamic step size.
 class Learner
          The abstract class of learning a weight of MLN.
 class NaiveDNLearner
 class NaiveGDLearner
          DO NOT USE THIS CLASS! USE DNLearner.

Uses of Infer in tuffy.main

Subclasses of Infer in tuffy.main
 class NonPartInfer
          Non-parition-aware inference.
 class PartInfer
          Partitioning-aware inference.

Uses of Infer in tuffy.test

Subclasses of Infer in tuffy.test
 class GroundingTest
          Testing class for grounding.
 class InferenceTest
          Testing class for Inference.